MindMotion Films utilizes a broad suite of equipment to ensure that we have the right arsenal of technologies available for each and every project... because we know that you can't always "just clean it up in post".  Because each engagement is unique, our ability to pick and choose the most appropriate gear for each project means that every final product we create will reflect the right visual message and tone that the client seeks to convey.

Our gear is professional-grade - not consumer-grade or "pro-sumer" - and represents some of the newest and most advanced technologies that exist anywhere in the industry. Our cameras, lenses, editing suites, color-grading equipment and other components are the exact same products used to produce major Hollywood films, and unlike many production facilities, we own, not rent, all of our equipment.

Of course, we also know that equipment is useless without passion, skill and experience; you can hand someone a camera and show them how to push a button, but it's only through years of hands-on experience that they will truly become a professional cinematographer. We encourage you to view our work, and see the difference that quality gear can make in the hands of an experienced professional.