Finding the needle, in the needle drop.

Imagine having hundreds of thousands of dollars just lying around in your production budget to drop on a national hit single for a one-off summer promotion spot scheduled to air only a few weeks:

Must be nice, right?


But here’s the thing, just because you don’t have the kind of coin to buy a popular tune, or even create an original score, doesn’t mean the music in your spot has to be any less effective at hooking viewers or setting the tone you want.

It just takes a little more work, on our part.

Finding the right music among the thousands of tracks in stock-music libraries is a lot like bargain hunting. We dig a little deeper; we look a little longer (we’re talking HOURS); we kiss a lot of B-side dreck. 

But when we do find “the one,” that perfect track––perhaps wedged between two absolutely wrong ones in an unexpected genre––there’s no better feeling in the world. And the results will undoubtedly have you nodding in foot-tapping agreement, as well.


So don’t fear the needle drop. Embrace it.