Collaborate and Create: The Evolution of Quality Films That Tell a Story

by Steve Strickler


A recent explosion of metrics and forecasting is speaking to the advantage of video in marketing campaigns, social media engagement, and viewer entertainment. You know you want a video, but the mountain seems distant and tall.

I’ve actually begun to realize that educating our partners and clients is the best way to help them through the process. Then, when we arrive at a conclusion, we’re actually addressing their issues, concerns, or problems…we just happen to use video content to do it.

So, we’ve broken down the process into the Evolution of a Quality Film and had a recent collaborative partner help to explain. In a way, it’s our story, told through our client’s prism on a recent highly successful film.

How will I begin? What is our message? What story do we want to tell? How will we bring scope, task list, and budget to this? Where do we begin? Who do we trust to tell our story? Sometimes, getting out of the gate seems to be a monumental task and all of the details bog down the process to a non-starter.

Challenges: You Listened To Us

Hearing your challenges, fact-finding, and checking the heartbeat of the message happens here.

At this point, it’s our job to listen: What’s your pain point? Who is your audience? What message are you working to clarify? We realize that we have two ears and only one mouth so that we listen twice as much as we talk.

Challenges: You Listened To Us

Getting in Sync:
Projecting Proper Messaging

This is where learning happens on both sides. We learn and collaborate about your core message. We help to bring understanding about messaging and proper length (does any compelling story need this boundary?), and then we help bring understanding about how the tasks required translate to budget. Two filming days vs 10? What types of considerations, crew, special rigs, and post production are required? Transparency and information exchange happens here. We emerge from this phase with a clear path to the next phase of story development.

Getting in Sync: Projecting Proper Messaging

Helping to Develop "Story"

From listening to you and understanding the DNA of your mission, we’re focused on telling your story the way you want it told. We communicate on story development and work toward developing the pivotal “trust moment”--the leap of faith where MindMotion becomes your advocate, your representative, and works to make mission meet material.

Directing Beauty and Authenticity

Through careful planning and homework, production day has arrived. Through organization and commitment, the path to success is inevitable. Bringing an adequate team, yet keeping a minimal footprint, means business as usual for you. Follow the map, but be willing to explore.

Our unending commitment to utilize the best equipment and the latest innovations means creating quality to impress. Thousands of hours of on-set perspiration, tailoring the shot, and directing talent to deliver authenticity, brings out a story that engages--the ultimate win!

Create: Directing Beauty and Authenticity

Telling Stories that Move

The story must connect at an emotional level. Touching the human element is key to success. It can be love or laughter, anger or excitement. Satisfying your viewer and invoking the “inner you” makes the story come alive.

In edit, we refine and polish. The story gets better each time you tell it, and after polishing it over again, the story will finally sparkle. Sparkle engages…sparkle sells.

Emotion:Stories That Move

Measurements That Matter

Of course metrics measure success, so propelling your message to the next level gains viewers. You only
get one chance to disenfranchise your viewer, so
make it count.

This is where your hard work, financial commitment, and bottom line all meet up. Launch your message and engage your viewer (and keep their attention) to create remarkable excitement, measured by applause, tears, clicks, and shares.

Success: Measurements That Matter

The End Result:
The Final Released Version  3:56

"Now I find out that the world is a bigger place than just where you're standing right now." MindMotion partnered with Irvine Nature to script, shoot and produce the wonderful mission message of Irvine!


MindMotion Films has a long and proven record of delivering quality content, on time and within budget. As a full service video production facility, we can provide every aspect of production: messaging, storyboarding and content, principal cinematography including lighting and sound, and post-production including online-editing,  advanced color grading, and award-winning motion graphics.


Visual. Accurate. Enabling.

For more information or to launch your critical message to the next level, allow us to show you how Collaborate and Create: The Evolution of Quality Films That Tells a Story can work for you.